This morning we talked about a recent survey that determined which TV shows, when watched right before bed time, turned women on.

Orange is the New Black won the survey - turning on more than a 3rd of women in the poll.  How I Met Your Mother came in second and Friends was third.

So, gentlemen, if you're in the mood and you may have been a little less than romantic lately, perhaps renewing that Netfilx membership and binging on one of those favorites will put you and your lover in the sweet spot.

On the air, we didn't get a chance to mention the shows that will absolutely turn a woman off.

American Pickers and Hoarders came in the third spot, turns out clutter and old stuff isn't really a turn on.

The Honeymooners was the second biggest turn off.

And, in first place, Archer won for the show most likely to turn a woman right off.

So, there you have it!  Now you know what to watch, and what not to watch before bed.

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