I readily admit I was late to the "How I Met Your Mother" Party, But now I am hooked and LOVE the show. I don't think I've ever watched a episode and not laughed out loud. HOWEVER two of the last three shows have made me cry like a baby. I love that they have made me care so deeply for the characters but I hate that they have taken what was normally a 30 minute break from real life and sadness and dropped reality on me.


 If you are behind read no further until you catch up. 3 weeks ago Marshall's father dies of a heart attack to end the show. REALLY?! You killed "Dobber" (for those of you who don't remember Coach he is also the voice of Patrick on Spoungebob). That killed me! Then this week at the funeral Marshall struggles with what his fathers last words to him will be. Which of course made me think about my father's last words to me. Tears followed.

   My main concern is could this recent turn towards serious story lines be HIMYM Jumping the shark? Jumping the shark is a saying that refers to Fonzie jumping a real shark on "Happy Days" the moment where many feel the show fell apart and was never the same after. I have my fingers crossed that the next story arch which appears to be Barney meeting his real dad will be compelling and more importantly funny. I still love the show but fear this is the first step towards the shark being jumped.