I have mentioned on here a time or two that I am a bit of a couch potato. I think I watch a little too much at times. But I can't help it, too many great shows out there and so little time. My personal favorite shows are sitcoms. I am a guy who loves to laugh. My favorite show on TV right now is "How I Met Your Mother". I think Neil Patrick Harris' Barney character is awesome. Dare I say it's Legen, wait for it, Dary.

I also finally started getting into "The Big Bang Theory". Yeah, I finally joined the party. It's nice that it's in syndication now so I can catch up. I wasn't sure what to think of the show at first, but the more I watch the more I've become a fan. Jim Parsons is absolutely hysterical as Sheldon.

I love both these shows and try to make sure not to miss them every week. So here is my question to you? Which is your favorite?

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