I remember someone telling me in Vegas not to split aces because it was a gentleman's rule. It's not illegal though and if you ever get 2 aces dealt to you my advice is split them and bet the house! Apparently some guys in Saratoga got busted over a weekly poker game they hold. Anyone could easily have done this so pay attention to what's next.If you host a poker game and the folks playing in the game pay you money in advance to be in the game, or you as the host take a cut of the pot you are conducting an illegal poker game! If you host a poker game and the guests show up and just play and whoever wins the pot wins it all and nobody gave you any money prior to be in the game than you are not doing anything wrong. 

Basically, if you host a poker game and you profit from it as the host you are committing a crime of promoting gambling in the second degree. The guys who were busted were holding Texas Holdem tourneys. The story is here.