Well this is the great news poker players all over the Capital Region have been waiting for. No need to travel to Rome or Uncasville to find a nice juicy poker tournamnent, the Capital Region has a tasty tourny for poker players and it's right in our backyard!

River's Casino in Schenectady is set to shuffle up and deal a $100,000 (guaranteed prize pool) No Limit Hold 'em tournament that will be known as the Capital Region Classic.  The cards will fly with action starting on May 24th and the tournament will wrap up on Sunday  May 28th.  There will be options for multiple re-entries (if you get knocked out, you may pay full price to re-enter) and if you don't want to grind out the beginning stages of the tournament, you may buy-in to the "final day" of the action for $1100.  Rivers is gauranteeing a prize pool of $100K but based upon the overall general excitement I've witnessed first hand in the poker room, the prize pool will be much sweeter than 100K!

This is my kinda action.  Congrats to Rivers for getting this tournament up and rolling in little time.  Fishies and sharks alike are welcome as these waters are sure to attract the novice and the area pros alike for the right to be called champion of the Capital Region Classic.

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