Holy moly! Be careful opening up your car doors this evening.  Strong winds actually caused this to happen to a buddy of mine as he was leaving work in Albany today.   If he didn't send me the picture, I wouldn't have believed him.

This is what the text from my friend said this afternoon, moments after his rear window was literally blown out from high-gusting winds:

"I opened my driver door and a gust of wind from God exploded my back window"- Brian's buddy Jason 

Jason went on to tell me that this happened as he was leaving work yet he still managed to drive to his car back to Slingerlands from downtown Albany, sans window! He explained that he drove with "his hood tied to his face as glass was flying all over".

Jason also added that he tried calling a local glass repair shop and the soonest they could get the vehicle in was on Thursday.  They told him this was happening 'all over the Northeast and that they're booked 24/7!'

Jay's back window explosion


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