If you love to ski and want to make some extra money this winter, there is a local ski resort that is looking to hire locals. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, they are limited to hiring local instead of their usual workers from overseas. According to CBS 6 Albany, there are several ski resorts in our area that need to hire local employees due to the restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic. Jiminy Peak in Hancock, Massachusetts just over the New York border usually hires workers from overseas for the ski season. Because they can't, they are looking to hire people from the area.

They need to fill a variety of positions from ski lift attendants to ski instructors and time is of the essence. Jiminy Peak usually has all of these positions filled by now. They have been filled in the past by an exchange program from those overseas but because of the coronavirus restrictions on travel, they are forced to hire locally.

To accommodate interviews, Jiminy Peak will hold two job fairs via Zoom this month. The first one will be held on Wednesday, November 11th and another will be held on Tuesday, November 24th. You will be able to learn about the jobs at Jiminy, talk to current employers, and apply online. Most of the jobs available are part-time with flexible schedules.

You can apply online by clicking HERE. You can also stop by the Jiminy Peak Administration building Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm to fill out an application.

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