Just minutes from where my sister and brother-in-law live in Florida, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office is searching for a lion believed to be loose at the Survival Outreach Sanctuary in Spring Hill.  I was just there visiting last week!

According to its website, the sanctuary houses large cats such as leopards, tigers and cougars, as well as small cats and deer.  Apparently not so well!

This story comes just a few months after a bear was found wandering around where I'm from in downtown Tampa, and a year or so after a monkey was loose and attacking people in 3 counties for days before authorities could find it!

Plus, there are gators loose everywhere there!

So, I know the weather's bad here, but, you just might want to stay in the Capital District where you're safe from lions, tigers and bears!  Oh my!

Photo by Markus Gilliar-Pool/Getty Images
Photo by Markus Gilliar-Pool/Getty Images


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