Ok Barbara.  You have deemed one person as the most fascinating person of 2015.  Good for you.  Now it's time to think the opposite way, shall we? 

According to ABC news, Ba-Ba-Wa-Wa (that's Barbara Walters' nickname on Saturday Nite Live) has named Kaitlyn Jenner as this year's most fascinating person of 2015.  I'll agree that she is definitely fascinating.  It probably was the best choice, when you think about it.

2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards - Show
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The question is - who would you consider the one who bored you to tears this past year?  Someone who if you heard his/her name one more time you would lose your lunch?

I have my idea but I don't want to sway the voting, so I'm going to leave that up to you.  It can be someone from the political races, a celebrity or other public figure.  The sky is the limit, but please don't pick someone from our local area.  That wouldn't be right.  Ok - I will love to see your answers. It will be fascinating fer sure!

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