Most of our cell phones are filled with fun, funny, or outrageous moments from everyday life. Perhaps it was a prank you played on a co-worker, family member, or friend.

Or, maybe you captured something unexpectedly silly or spontaneous on your Ring or dashcam.

Most of these videos may stay in our private collections, and some may make it onto your social media, but how many make it to America's Funniest Home Videos?

A family from Upstate NY just won $6,000 on Sunday night's episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos which airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on ABC and then later viewed on Hulu.

The Elevator Wait-er

Photo: Screengrabbed from Facebook
Ethan, facing the wrong way, is confused when he doesn't see the elevator door open.  Photo: AFV, Screengrab from Facebook

According to, the clip dubbed "The Elevator Wait-er" was submitted by Amanda King, of Rochester.

In the 48-second video that aired last night, her son Ethan thinks he was trapped inside an elevator, but he wasn't.  While inside the elevator, Ethan is simply facing the wrong way when the door opens and in a brief moment of panic, thinks he's legit trapped.

Moments later, he's seen pounding on the door while yelling “Mama!”

Unbeknownst to Ethan, a family friend named Steven Mott was filming the ordeal hoping to "jump scare" Ethan just for fun, but ended up catching the viral moment seen by America.

According to the source, Mott appeared on “AFV” with Amanda and their kids Ethan and Addison.

"Ethan, Turn Around!"

Eventually, the elevator door opens up a second time, and Mott calls out for the kid, who thinks he's trapped. “Ethan... turn around!' he says.

It takes the young man a second or two to realize his mistake, but when he turns around and sees Mott laughing, Ethan is equal parts embarrassed and relieved - and just happy to get out of that elevator - alive!

One of 3 Finalists

“The Elevator Wait-er,” according to was one of three finalists on the show, and the family's video was judged to finish in second place, which carries a nice little $6K chunk of change!

First place and $20K went to "kids covered in flour inside a minivan" and that home video has a chance to win the $100K grand prize. Third place and $4K was awarded for a video clip of a dad "who accidentally ate Play-Doh that his son gave him."

Here's the Video Submitted by Family in Upstate NY



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