Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, Tobyotter
flickr User, Tobyotter

Here's a stumper. My sister married a man w/3 children 30 years ago. They lived in a little town in Vermont. He died last September and was cremated. My sister went to AZ for a month to visit her son and the first weekend she was gone, the children of her husband went to her house and first opened the urn of ashes and poured them out to look at them, then took the urn home w/them to NH with no thought of asking her if it was OK or to let her know about it! The kids are all in their 50's. should she call them & tell them she wants his urn returned? There is going to be a memorial service in NH where he/they lived for years later this spring or summer, but don't you think it was wrong of them to just take them from her house w/o asking? They all have smaller urns of his ashes, so it's not like they wanted him w/them.

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