Do you watch those cold case shows on television hoping they get solved? You may be able to solve this local Saratoga cold case that the FBI has decided to reopen!

In November 1980, Sheila Shephard was found dead in Saratoga Springs inside of her apartment on Church St. The Saratoga Springs Police found that she had been asphyxiated with a wad of clothing and that she was stabbed in her abdomen after being tied to the bed. Shephard was only found after she didn't show up to a secretarial course, according to News10.

The Saratoga Springs Police, State Police, and FBI tried to follow leads but were unable to identify who did this to Shephard, especially with the lack of technology available.

Now, 40-years-later, Lt. Robert Jillson of the Saratoga Springs Police Department is reaching out to NEWS 10 ABC for copies of old stories. Their hope is to use the footage from the media to reopen the case and finally find the person who did this. A new Investigator, Chris Callahan, has joined in the reopening and is talking to former detectives to get any potential new evidence.

The Saratoga Springs Police Department is requesting that if you know anything about this former cold case, to reach out 518-584-1800 or leave an anonymous tip at 518-584-TIPS.


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