This is so much fun and so far I have to say you guys have pretty good taste. In the last installment of "Help Sean Design His New Bathroom" I had you choose between 7 different "styles" of bathroom and the winner, in a close vote, was "Autumn Glow" which just barely beat out "Summer Cottage". Remember if you are thinking of upgrading your bathroom talk to the experts at Rebath Of Albany and tell them I sent you, that way you get a little extra special treatment! :)  Okay let's get back to my bathroom that we are designing as a group and take the next step.

So as a reminder this is the style of bathroom you chose:

Rebath Of Albany - Autumn Glow
Rebath Of Albany - Autumn Glow

So now we have to pick the size of the tile pattern and color of the tiles we will use. There is 3 choices to each, so lets first pick our favorite color. Keep in mind if the picture is too small for you to get a good idea of your favorite just click on it to enlarge.

That wasn't so hard right? and now lets pick one of the 3 different tile pattern sizes.

Thanks, next time we will take a look at hardware and flooring! If you want to have some fun designing your own bathroom with all your own custom choices just click here.


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