The picture started quickly trending yesterday on Facebook of the beautiful change made to a Central Ave crosswalk to celebrate love of all kinds.

I'm not sure if the color change was because of June being Pride Month, but I can't imagine it's not a coincidence. The crosswalk outside of Waterworks Pub in Downtown Albany, went from the regular brick red to a beautiful rainbow of color. Rainbows, of course, being the symbol for gay pride.

I saw no mention of the crosswalk on Waterworks Pub's social media pages but did see a picture posted to the group "Looking Good, Albany," by Stephanie Levay. The crosswalk, according to comments on the picture, will be permanent and is a great bridge from known gay clubs Waterworks Pub and Rocks.

I also learned on /r/LGBTQ (Reddit) that Albany has the oldest continuously operating LGBTQ community center so it seems appropriate that Albany would show their support. Next, I just hope that other Capital Region cities show their pride and change a crosswalk in their area. It does warm my heart to see just how many people are happy and excited about the addition in the area. I sense this also turning into a hot Instagram selfie spot so if you're driving in that area, be extra careful!

Waterworks Pub

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