You'd think with it officially being fall, we wouldn't have to worry about creepy crawlers infiltrating our houses but this little bugger is making its way so keep a look-out.

It's stink bug season! I've seen these bugs around (I actually found one near my house yesterday) but never thought much about it and honestly didn't know what they were called. Now that the days are getting shorter and colder weather is around the corner, these bugs are looking for a place to stay for the winter.

According to, stink bugs, or "brown marmorated stink bugs," are originally from Asia but you'll know them because they release a bad smell when threatened. The worst part is that they have no natural predators so they kind of roam free, growing their population. Scientists have been releasing Samurai wasps in hopes to curb their numbers.

If you're looking to keep these bugs out of your home, close up your windows and seal the cracks. No worries if they do get in though, aside from the smell, they're completely harmless.

If you've seen an infestation, the Times Union is also looking for your help:

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