Easter candy is great and all day today it feels like they have no calories and you eat whatever you want. Until tomorrow and now what are you going to do with it? I have an idea & you're gonna love it!

I asked on Facebook yesterday "Peeps: Yes or No?" (results are below) and it seems as if every year we have that same debate. Some people love them, a lot of people hate them but I think I have a way to make it better for you.

Most people put Peeps in Easter baskets even though it's such a candy of conflict so now you're stuck with them, right? Wrong! S'Meeps is the answer to all of your problems!

Take a Peep, put it between two graham crackers with some chocolate and you've turned that candy you're probably sick of at this point to something delicious! Now, I'm gonna take it a step further. Instead of just adding chocolate, add one Reese's Peanut Butter Egg (or just peanut butter if Reese's aren't handy) and you'll be eating a delicious snack where you forget that it's actually a Peep in there! (Also, if you make it in the microwave, it's fun to watch the Peep grow and get deformed)

Click through to the right below for step-by-step videos:

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