It should be a national holiday, well okay, maybe not a national holiday but at least a Capital Region exclusive holiday. We should all be celebrating; Shopping in local shops and eating at local restaurants and enjoying local radio stations.

Having food and drinks and being merry!

It's always bothered me when people complain about this wonderful area we call "home" and say they can't wait to "leave when I have the chance!" There is something oh so special about the Capital Region that, if you feel like you can't wait to leave, then do it. I guarantee you'll end up wherever you do and can't wait to get back.

I lived in Omaha, Nebraska for about a year for my first full time radio gig. The area was nice, the people were, too. In fact, it even looked very much like Albany. Even the skyline, the only thing that was missing was The Egg. It had a lot of the same things we have and sure, things were a little cheaper but I still found myself calling their highway "The Northway" even if it didn't make sense. I found myself heading to The Old Market, just because it resembled Lark Street with it's cobblestone roads and old town feel. I missed home and realized just how much I loved it (more than I originally thought, I guess.)

There's something about being able to go see the Valley Cats play in Troy, or hitting up the Saratoga Race Course, taking in a movie at the drive-in in Malta, bouncing around Clifton Park like when I was in high school, partying in the A-L-B,  or hitting up Peebles Island in Waterford to wash the stress away. Maybe it's the people, the family, the friends, in some cases it could be the radio stations for me, too.

What's your favorite part about living in the Capital Region???


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