Let's say you're away in a hotel in an exotic destination.  You're ready to go out on the town. You have an hour before you leave.  Is there a quick way to get some juice to your precious phone?  Yep

According to iPhone Life Magazine, there is a quick way to do it.   Just swipe up from the bottom on your iPhone and you will see the little airplane logo on the left.  ( I would assume you need a more updated iPhone for you to see these logos, like anything past an iPhone 5)

Click on the logo. That will turn off your GPS,  your wifi and cellular connections.  When you do that it should speed up the process of charging. I'm going to try this. I hope someone out there tries it as well and let's see if it works.

Remember, however that you can't make or accept  a phone call while that is on, so remember to put it back to normal when finished!


Of course my iPhone dies with 40% left so I guess that's another problem altogether, but all the more reason to need a quick way to revitalize your device.

Happy chatting, texting and blabbing…

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