I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about sports, let alone college basketball/March Madness but I do think this new trend is a little extreme just to watch a game or two! No one is really doing this, right?

This headline caught my eye on News10ABC and I couldn't believe it. According to Dr. Chuck Welliver, the assistant professor of urology at Albany Med, the number of vasectomies increases during the month of March by 10%.

The thought of it is that if you were going to get it, you might as well get it during a time when you can watch your games, right? After a vasectomy, are you bed-ridden? No, but they do recommend low movement and a lot of rest for a few days. Dr. Welliver said, “There is often the request of hey, can we do it this day because my team is playing Thursday.”

As News10 reported, to be fair, it's not just March Madness when the increase happens, they also see it around the holiday season as well. Is this a little too extreme or do you totally understand?

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