3 Juvelines in Albany Taken to Hospital

A few weeks ago, a disturbing report surfaced about a 3-year-old boy who accidentally got shot by his 6-year-old brother on Lark Drive in Albany, and Thursday, police reported an incident where 3 more kids were taken to local hospitals after they were stabbed in the same area.

"Police say all three were taken to Albany Med and St. Peter’s with non-life-threatening injuries." Newschannel 13 


Two Girls and One Boy

According to sources, the latest incident happened at Capital Woods Apartments, off Lark Drive at around 8:25 pm on Thursday.  Police report that after responding to the evening call, they learned that one girl was stabbed in the arm, a boy was stabbed under the armpit, and another girl was stabbed in the abdomen.

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Capital Woods Apartments in Albany, where 3 juveniles were stabbed on Thursday evening. Police say that all three are in stable condition. Police have no identified any suspects in this ongoing investigation.  Photo: Google Maps

According to the report, all three of the juveniles were taken to Albany Med and St. Peter’s with non-life-threatening injuries the APD is investigating and nobody is in custody at this time.

Second Near-Tragic Incident in Weeks Involving Juveniles in Albany

This comes just a few weeks after a young boy, just 3 years old, was shot by his older brother, 6, who "found the gun in a backpack and did not realize it was a real weapon." The boy was in stable condition at the time of the published article.

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