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College Basketball’s Greatest Dynasty Plays In Albany This Weekend
Who doesn't love to witness greatness? It could be just about anything, if I'm watching the best in the world go at in basket weaving, I'm entertained! Since the start of the women's NCAA tournament back in 1982, the UConn women's basketball team has had 6 (SIX) undefeated seasons.  If they make it through the regional games in Albany this Saturday (and potentially Monday night) they'll be 2 wins
Go UAlbany!
WGNA always likes to showcase and support local talent that makes it to the big time- from music to sports!
Syracuse One Win Away From The Big Game
The Syracuse Orange (I still want to call them the Orangemen) but I guess that was politically incorrect so I'll stick to the official name for this story. The name doesn't matter, what matters is that they are one win away from the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

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