If you grew up in the Capital Region there is a good chance you have roller skated at Guptill's Roller Arena. They are celebrating seventy years this week and are still open for you to either relive your youth or bring your kids to enjoy.

Guptill's Roller Skating Arena first opened in 1951 on Valentine's Day. It is also the largest indoor roller skating rink in the world. According to News 10 ABC, they opened to large crowds and are actually open this week for special times to skate during the school break. In fact, when I drive by this past Saturday night, there was a line from the front door of the skating arena all the way down to the Coney Express ice cream window. It's true, people still love to roller skate.

There wasn't a Saturday night when I was growing up that we didn't go roller skating. I remember whipping around the rink with the wind in my hair, the music loud, and not a care in the world. Guptill's was a place to get away on a Saturday night and meet up with friends while our parents waited in the lobby area. A few hours of freedom and fun.

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The Guptill family who has owned the roller arena for the entire seventy years said this of the milestone anniversary:

With so many of the businesses that you grew up with gone or disappearing, it’s so nice that there is a place where family memories were made, that is still as successful, as it was 70 years ago. So many people met their husbands and wives, friends, and family, at Guptill’s.

Guptill's is open for special hours this week for the school break. They are open 1-4 every afternoon and 6:30-9 pm every evening through Sunday, February 21st.

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