Back in April, I did a blog about the largest Lego Tower in the world. Now we'll take that to a new dimension. Using only Legos and rubber bands, Jack Streat was able to build a fully-functional  replica of a Heckler & Koch UMP 45 sub machine gun.

This is far from the only time Streat has fashioned a potentially dangerous thing out of Legos;  he was able to build a working chainsaw out of the construction toys, and has a Youtube channel full of videos of other Lego weapons he has assembled. The video for the  UMP 45 is below.

A Lego gun doesn't quite shoot with the same velocity or distance as a real gun (thank God), but if the TSA bans Legos from flights, you know who to blame.

I find this both amusing and a little frightening. I know it's not Christmas, but I feel like I should use the line from A Christmas Story - "You'll shoot your eye out, kid."

Does this mean we'll need to get a gun permit to own Legos?