If your kids have a ton of Legos laying around that they don't use anymore, you can donate them to kids in need. Here's how. According to Simplemost.com, there is a program that encourages Lego owners to pack up whatever Legos they aren't using anymore and donate them to nonprofit groups across the country.

The program, Lego Replay,  is aimed at making sure that Legos won't go unused and that everyone has the opportunity to play with them. They are teaming up with Give Back Box to get the Legos to the kids that need them.

All you have to do is get your Legos together and put them in the Give Back Box. You can keep them altogether too no matter the color or size of the bricks. Then you seal up the box and go to the site to print out the free shipping label. Then you just drop it in the mail. You can also get a donation receipt so you can write it off at tax time.

Get together all of your unused Legos and get ready to donate them to kids and classrooms.


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