Just before 7:30 a.m. yesterday, New York State Troopers received a call about a student carrying a gun in the Berlin High School.

Police Lights

A teacher saw that the student was holding a rifle, and called the troopers. The teacher proceeded to talk the student into surrendering the rifle. The gun was a pellet rifle.The action of the teacher was praised by the troopers.

The Troopers then conducted a search of the school. During the search, they discovered a couple of bottles that contained some sort of liquid. Because they didn’t know what the liquid was, as a precaution, a call was put in to bring in bomb experts and a police dog. The unknown liquid turned out to be nothing more than vegetable oil.

For more than a couple of hours, according to the article from the Times Union, the high school went into lockdown. As for the student that had the pellet rifle, there have been no charges filed as of this time.

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