When you think of emus, I can probably bet that you don't think of the Capital Region, right? Well, tell that to the residents of Guilderland who were dealing with trying to catch one this week!

Earlier this week, the Times Union reported that an emu was loose through the streets of Guilderland. I'm sure your first question was the same as mine - where did this emu come from? The emu, 4-year-old Sheriff Cody, was staying at Whispering Willow temporarily and escaped.

Sheriff Cody is temporarily staying in the area from its native Australia while the emu's owner was moving. A volunteer at Whispering Willow didn't close the gate properly and allowed the emu to escape through the streets of Guilderland. The facility director, Joyce Perry, mentioned that this was the first time an emu staying in their wildcare facility and because of these reasons, it will probably be last "because they need to be in a flock and they really need enough land to run on."

A woman called 911 after seeing the emu running down her street and luckily after about 20 minutes, Sheriff Cody was returned to safety.

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