Just caught this great bit of news for all of you who own and/or rent.  As if we don't have ENOUGH to pay for! 

light switch



According to the Daily Beast.com, every time you flick that switch in the house, it may affect your wallet.  Electric bills are scheduled to rise.  That's the bad news.  Now do you want the real bad news?  They're not coming down-not for a long time anyway!  According to this article (read it and weep along with us)...

The problem is that the utilities have to make badly needed repairs to the nation's creaking power plants, or build new ones altogether to comply with stricter environmental laws.

Let's see-we have damage all over the country that has to be paid for, the price of some food items are going sky high, people can't make mortgage payments as it is, our roads and bridges are being held together with duck tape-that will affect taxes and tolls for sure.   I have no funny ending for this, because there is none.  What can I say-Have a nice day?  What's the answer here?  Talk about a dilemma!

Which reminds me-tune in to the Sean and Richie Show weekdays as we try to solve a Daily Dilemma, like this one.  Maybe we can solve that one, but I don't know about the one I just mentioned!

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