Does the name ring a bell?  Burt Reynolds? Of course it does.  He was a major star in the 70's.  He has some major financial problems now.

I wasn't sure how something like that could happen until I read the article from Express.

I guess between not paying up everything he owed to Loni Anderson in their divorce, bad investments, quadruple bypass and back injuries, 78 year old Reynolds has had it tough.

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We talked about this on the air today, and at first we were all critical of him.  "Hey-tough noogies, pal if you can't manage your money"  That was the thinking in the room and from some of the callers.

I don't know about this one.  Hey, we all can make bad investments.  We also can have our careers damaged by injuries.  And noone is exempt from the possibility of getting divorced, right?

So I'll throw it out to you.  Do you feel bad for him, or do you think he was just bad at managing money?  Would love to know in the comment section.

For me, now that I've read the article fully, I kind of feeling sorry for the guy…..




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