A new trend seems to be emerging linking department stores and groceries. This gives customers an opportunity to do all of their shopping in one place. Now another well known department store is jumping on board. Looks like not only can you get clothing, toys and bedding at Kohl's, soon you can pick up eggs, bread and milk too. Kohl's has announced that it is partnering up with discount grocery chain Aldi. There will be a section dedicated to the grocery store inside Kohl's department stores.

The partnership will be a gradual one. Kohl's says that it will introduce Aldi's into ten of its stores this year. If the Aldi merger is successful, they are hoping to expand to the three hundred stores that Kohl's has already made room for the grocery chain.

Aldi has been expanding throughout the US and the deal with Kohl's will help them become a large competitor with Walmart and Kroger food stores. It also helps that the grocery chain is fifty percent less than other grocery stores.

No details of which ten Kohl's stores will be including Aldi's, but that information should be released soon.

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