As I watch this video over and over, because I just can't stop watching it, I  hear John Lennon singing, "instant karma gonna get you."  We all know hockey is a violent sport, checking and using the wall to take your opponent off the puck is fully encouraged and accepted. I am fine with that.

This guy however, has no concern for the puck, the game or the rules. What this guy sees is an opportunity to really lay a hurt on an opposing player. That is his only intention.

What someone needs to teach him is that in sports and in life "going for the big hit" is where you get yourself and your team in trouble. Too many times I see a defensive back try to go for that blow up hit on a receiver instead of just wrapping him up and that receiver bouncing off of him and running it in for six points.

In life it's the same, stop worrying about how good something will look, or trying to impress people with your ability to crush the people in your way. Keep your mind on  what your goals are and how to better do your own part, you will find you get the job done way more often. Don't show off, do your job and play fair.  If you try to hard to be a highlight reel you will find the wall more often than success.

With that said, take a look at this video called, "Instant Hockey Karma."