Everybody!  Sing along!  Yes, once again a parody idea has surfaced.  But I feel so bad for the lady at the same time.  Should I do it? 

It happened again. According to the NY Daily News. com a grandmother in her mid 80's was roughly strip searched at Kennedy Airport by the good old TSA.  She is suing! Lenore Zimmerman according to the article:

...was roughly strip searched in a private room by two female security guards after she refused to go through the scanner on her way from New York to Florida. Zimmerman, who uses a walker, says she was left with a gash in her leg.

 If I get more than 50 "yes" responses, I will write the parody.  Then I can send all the nasty emails to you!  Please leave it in the comment section.  !

    Sorry! - I couldn't wait any longer.  Here you go!

Grandma She Got Strip Searched By An Agent

Lyrics © 2011 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

Parody of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”

Grandma she got strip searched by an agent

Flyin’ to Miami Christmas Eve,

Could she have a bomb in her support hose?

That would be a hard thing to believe

She was walking thru security

She got stopped like people do

This guy was roughly 30 seconds

From a cane directed toward his family jewels

Then they swiftly did a strip search (no we didn’t)

Said the lady ‘It’s a fact!”

Could this be a “he said, she said?”

Quote the TSA “the woman’s WHACK!”

“Take that back, liar!”

Grandma she is standing by her story

You should respect your grandma at all costs

When she gets done with her high priced attorneys

(hey TSA) better watch out-she could be your boss, your boss, your boss

(“You, smarty pants—clean the toilet!—give me a Smirnoff!)