Yesterday and today, some big news happened around the Capital Region and could have or might effect you.

Latham - Part of Route 7 was closed yesterday after tanker truck caught fire.  The truck was carrying more than 13,000 gallons of propane.  The truck driver apparently lost power, pulled over to the shoulder of the road and shortly after, flames started to seep out from under the truck’s hood.  No one was injured during the fire though 3-miles of Route 7 were shut down while authorities pondered evacuating nearby homes.

Schenectady - A 17-year old Schenectady teenager is safe after threatening to kill himself by jumping off a bridge above I-890 Monday night.  The young man had called the police department and stated he was going to kill himself by jumping off the bridge about 7:30pm.  Police responded to the scene near Altamont and Duane Avenues and found the teen sitting on top of a fence on the bridge.  Police were able to talk the teen down and he was taken to Ellis Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Schenectady- A special task force made up of local, state and federal officials have been discussing several suspected arson cases in Schenectady.  The four recent blazes have been deemed suspicious.  Fire experts took a closer look at the evidence of a fire on McClellan and Strong Streets, Forest Road and at Schenectady High School on Election Day.  Any fire becomes suspicious after natural, electrical and mechanical causes have been ruled out


Saratoga - Residents or consumers in Saratoga Springs could see a tax increase from 3 to 4 percent.  The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors is considering raising the sales tax to help close the budget deficit.  Saratoga is only one of five counties in the state that charges less than 8 percent tax when combined with the state sales tax on clothing under $110.


Albany - Albany International Airport has updated their security scanners.  The new advanced imaging scanners are meant to ease the privacy infringement on passengers and also ease their concerns over radiation exposure.  The new machines only show a generic body outline when potential threats are detected.  The machines still mandate travelers to remove shoes, belts, and even non-metallic objects.  Each machine cost around $150,000 each.