Here in beautiful, snowbound  Albany, NY, Beatlemania still lives on.  It actually felt like we were seeing them live.  But I didn't want to blab about this in front of my on air's why!

I tested the waters at 6:20 this morning.  I mentioned that I saw "Rain", the Beatles Tribute Band.  It got a luke warn  response at best.  Gee, I wonder why?  Casey, our newslady was born in 1985.  You can't knock someone for being too young. Or too old.  You are what you are!  But by 1985, Lennon was long gone,  and McCartney had already broken up with his band--not the Beatles--WINGS!!!

Let's go to our illustrious producer, Jeff Levack.  he was born in 1976.   McCartney was still not in the Beatles, and the band that changed music history was still WAY dissolved by then.   And our new intern, Christina?  I don't even want to go into it.  This laptop is older!

Rain Beatles Tribute Band

Don't get me wrong--there were people of all ages at this incredible recreation of the Fab 4.  But I looked around the audience, and I saw people in their 50's and early 60's with incredible smiles on their faces.  On guy was standing up in the aisles and singing along to "Let It Be" as if he had just seen -ahhhhhhhh--I better not say it....John Lennon got in big trouble for the same comment!

Now I'll show you my age.  I remember my brother Bill,  who is in his early 60's, bringing home "Meet The Beatles", the first real U.S. release.   My father took one look at the cover with those 4 "mop tops" and forbid us to put the album on the turntable!!!   (An album is a big plastic disk with two sides and a little hole in the middle.......but I digress).

Hey, I could write 50 blogs on this subject, but I'm sure it won't have quite  same impact unless you are an aging, semi-arthritic baby boomer.   But I have to give many kudos to this band for pulling off an incredible impersonation of the real thing.    (And sorry if I bored the rest of you--but if you take some time and go on Itunes, you can find every song they ever did.  Start downloading, and you'll hear some of the best ever written--and you might even hear the country influences in there too!!!!)

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