A new television show has been announced that focuses on none other than beer.

Craft beer to be exact.  Craft beer has become a huge trend in New York, and it feels like new breweries are popping up here, there, and everywhere.  Now, as reported by the Times Union, a new thirteen-part TV show is focusing on it. The Capital Region is being featured as a part of it, with breweries like Brown's Brewing Co., Druthers and C.H. Evans Brewing being highlighted.  I mean, I don't drink myself, but I love going out to eat at Druthers, so it's great to see these places be featured! "Brewed in New York" is going to be aired on WMHT Sundays at 5:30 pm beginning on September 2nd.  You can get more info at the Times Union.  Since the show is at 5:30 on a Sunday, you might even enjoy a nice craft beer while you watch!

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