Sorry folks.  And listen up Bethany, but your selfie stick is no longer welcome -at least at some Disney Theme Parks. 

Actually, I'm a little cloudy on this ruling.  At first I thought i heard that selfie sticks are no longer allowed in Disney Parks in general.  Let's read the article together and find out, shall we?

According to --oh, here it is.  It says:

Signs are going up at various rides across the parks reinforcing the park-wide policy against selfie sticks

selfie stick
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Ok, so it they're saying "rides" are what they are concerned about.  I guess they've had big problems at Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, for example.

Wouldn't this be a no brainer though?  First off, wouldn't you be slightly concerned about hitting somebody in the noggin with one?  And of course the possibility of the phone flying off becoming a high velocity projectile?

So sorry, self absorbed people, but you're going to have to wait til you get off the rides to pucker up and show your duck lips.



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