Thursday morning on 107.7 GNA, Brian and Chrissy played a prank on a local boss claiming to be the brother of one his really sick employees.  Stephanie from Cohoes asked them to 'call her out sick to work' claiming that her boss was gracious enough to accept the news, and too gullible to realize that the ridiculous nature of the call would be a prank.  Brian and Chrissy AKA 'The Phone Frauds' strike again.

We don't know what's more ridiculous; the way Brian (the brother) somehow turned 'Stephanie's' symptoms into a Luke Bryan song, or the sounds and noises Chrissy (the sick sister) was making in the background!

Either way, may we all be so lucky to have a cool boss like Steph has, and a GNA fan to boot!

If you think you know someone who needs to be messed with by The Phone Frauds, email Brian and Chrissy with an idea to



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