Phone Frauds

GNA Phony Phone Call: Dirty Fantasy Football League (AUDIO)
You may have heard this gem of a prank call on GNA last week just before the 2019 NFL season got underway.  We got word from one of our listeners that 'Sue' in Altamont is in charge of her Fantasy Football League and has been slightly consumed by it.  It's her first year in the league and she's also…
GNA Prank Call: Rebecca Daylight Saving Survey
Here's the prank call Brian and Chrissy made to Rebecca from Schenectady asking her take part in a survey about daylight saving time. Brian really cranks up the creep factor just a few seconds in and poor Rebecccchhhaaayyy didn't know what to do!
GNA's 'Too Sick To Work' Prank Call (Audio)
Thursday morning on 107.7 GNA, Brian and Chrissy played a prank on a local boss claiming to be the brother of one his really sick employees.  Stephanie from Cohoes asked them to 'call her out sick to work' claiming that her boss was gracious enough to accept the news, and too gullible to realize tha…