If someone you know will be dateless and alone this Valentine's Day, let us know about her. GNA's Country Cupid  will be making 'secret admirer stops' throughout the Capital Region the week of Valentine's Day and he won't be empty-handed. Country Cupid will bring a special love song, chocolates, dinner gift certificates and Countryfest 2019 tickets.  To discreetly and secretly nominate someone to receive an office visit from our very own cupid, enter below.

You can nominate a friend, relative, or co-worker.  Country Cupid will be making stops throughout the Capital Region on Monday, Feb 11th.  If selected he'll bring chocolate covered strawberries from Uncle Sam's Candy,  a $50 gift certificate to Wheatfields, plus two tickets to GNA's Countryfest to that person you know who could use a little Valentine pick-me-up.

To discreetly nominate a friend, relative or co-worker simply fill out the form and share with us the following information:

You can always email the following information to Mornings@wgna.com, if it's easier.

  • Your name and phone # (2 numbers please)
  • First and last name of person who will be receiving the visit
  • Where they work
  • In 107 words or less, tell about your loveless friend, relative, or co-worker and why you think they'd appreciate a visit from GNA's Country Cupid.

*****Please remember, this will be our little secret from the time you submit your entry, till the time he arrives so please don't tell the person you nominated them! We want it to be a surprise*****


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