We caught up with local 'ass man' Jarod Pasinello a few days after his story went viral due to what some would call the crude message he proudly displays on the back of his red Chevy.

Perhaps you've seen photos of his truck with "I Eat A**" around the Capital Region or maybe you've been lucky enough to spot it yourself. Here's more of what WGNA learned about the man who has zero shame. I guess you can say he started from the bottom, now he's...rear

Jarod Pasinello (rhymes with assinello) is the local man behind the wheel of the red Chevy known for the rather crass message that people all over the Capital Region seem to be scuttle-butting. Since the original blog when up a little over a week ago, thousands of you have either shared the story or tagged friends and commented on our WGNA Facebook about the man, the myth, and the message. 

"I Eat A**"  may be what this young man wants you to know if you ever get behind him in Albany traffic or see his shiny red truck parked out front of a pizza shop. But there's more to this 21-year-old from Averill Park than meets the (brown) eye.  Yes, he does eat other things like pizza and steak but as he tells GNA, his message is as much about the freedom of expression as it is his feeding his obsession.

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Jarod Pasinello 2

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