GNA Gets To Bottom of Local ‘A** Man’ (Audio)
We caught up with local 'ass man' Jarod Pasinello a few days after his story went viral due to what some would call the crude message he proudly displays on the back of his red Chevy.
Perhaps you've seen photos of his truck with "I Eat A**" around the Capital Region or maybe you've been luc…
What’s Behind Crass Message On This Albany Truck?
I live in Albany and have never personally seen the red Chevy truck with the rather crass message on its rear windshield. Assorted pictures of it have popped up all over the internet, and the driver has been the butt of many jokes. It's pretty safe to assume that the person responsible for such a st…
Egypt Could Cause Gas Prices to Go Up
Just when I heard hope of gas prices going down, word on the street is that the havoc that's broken loose in Egypt,  could cause the price of gas to go even higher.