It is still 2020 so get ready for the return of the stink bug. Experts say that there could be a major influx in these annoying bugs this season. We might as well add stink bugs to the list of things we can expect in 2020 and a ton of them. This may be the worst season of the insects in quite some time. But rest assured they are just annoying, they don't hurt you.

According to, much like all of us during the pandemic and most of 2020, stink bugs have been spending more time inside when the temperature starts to drop. Look for high numbers of the stink bug in your homes this fall.

There is a study from the Penn State Extention that says that this season of the stink bug will be higher than usual. Last year's mild winter with our hotter summer had lead to two generations of stink bugs instead of just one.

You don't usually see many stink bugs during the summer months, but when the air gets colder, they will be more prevalent. As it does get colder, that's when the stink bugs head indoors which is usually late September.

Here's the thing about stink bugs, they don't harm humans. They just have a defense mechanism that if they are threatened or squished, they let off a terrible odor. This is how they get their name. If you do find an infestation of stink bugs, or a few you want to get rid of, try vacuuming them up or trapping them in soapy water. This way they won't let off their terrible odor.

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