I'm not a fan of the word "infestation" with pretty much anything but apparently we're about to see a whole bunch more spiders this season, here's how to keep them out!

It makes sense that when the weather gets colder, animals and insects find warmer places to be to survive. News 10 is reporting, though, that this year may be a little different from years past, at least when it comes to spiders.

Apparently, with the temperatures looking to be colder this year than years before, spiders hate the cold and need a place to go and they see your warm house first! A company called Grace Exterminating from out of the area has said that already they've been getting a ton of calls about spiders in homes. Add to that, the humidity we've been having which causes spiders to breed and if you're not a fan of spiders, this is not the year for you. Expect more to be crawling through your house!

If you're looking for ways to keep spiders out, you can declutter (I know, easier said than done) but they like to hide in cluttered spaces. You can try to take the humidity out of your basement or even use vinegar as a natural deterrent. Overall, though, even though they're creepy and crawly, they really want nothing to do with you and are mostly harmless. They're just trying to stay warm too!

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