Insects; the often useful yet sometimes gross and pesky critter!  Some are just flat out more annoying than others.  The stink bug is one of them.  These pesky critters were everywhere last spring and summer, and according to experts, they'll be making a comeback this season, perhaps worse than ever. News 10 ABC has the stinky report out of Michigan State stating that after hibernating all winter, these tiny brown bugs are expected to begin emerging from their hiding spots in homes and heading outdoors. While these bugs are harmless and don't bite, they can be a nuisance.

Do you remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when Indy and company were delicately walking through that dark bug-infested tunnel?  That freakin' ruined me!  'It feel like I step on fortune cookies' said Indie's Chinese sidekick Short Round as he crunched his way through darkness.  'Those aren't fortune cookies' Jones disgustingly informs him.


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