The Spanish are mad as hell about that accusation. They are not just mad about it, they have demanded a retraction of the statement blaming Spanish cucumbers for the E.coli outbreak.

The Spanish arguments make perfect sense, they say the grow them in Spain, they eat them in Spain and no E.colioutbreaks at all have been reported in Spain. Why are the Spanish people so hell bent on not having the problem be theirs? It's easy to figure out and comes down to one word "money"! It looks like the Germans may be backpedaling now.

Health officials in Hamburg, where many remain hospitalized from the infection, said last Thursday that Spanish cucumbers appeared to carry the E. coli. But on Tuesday, they said two of the three Spanish cucumbers tested showed they did not carry the E. coli strain that has caused the health problems, while a third Spanish cucumber and another cucumber of unknown origin were still being tested.

The Spanish import more food to Germany, the world's 4th largest economy than any other nation. Last year alone Spanish farmers sent over $11 billion worth of fresh produce to the Germans.

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