A popular beach in Saratoga County will be shut down for at least the next few days while officials test E. Coli levels. The hope is that it shouldn't interfere with weekend swimming.

Browns Beach on Saratoga Lake will be closed on Thursday and Friday as officials in the Town of Stillwater test for  "high E. coli levels" according to News 10 ABC.

According to the report, the testing over the next few days shouldn't interfere with people who want to swim at Browns over the weekend.

Experts say that E. Coli in lake water can possibly cause disease in humans. The only way it can make you sick is through oral ingestion but it is possible to ingest the bacteria even if you don’t drink the lake water.

This is second time in three weeks that Browns Beach in Stillwater has been in the news.  A few weeks back, Erika Ries from Albany told News Channel 13 that her 5-year-old her daughter Maddie spent an afternoon in the waters of Brown's Beach.  As the day went on. her daughter developed "swimmer's itch" which according to the CDC appears as a "skin rash caused by an allergic reaction to certain microscopic parasites that infect some birds and mammals."

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