It's open again no it's closed. That has been the story the past few weeks regarding Million Dollar Beach and The Department Of Environmental Conservation has been scrambling to find the source of e-coli that has been contaminating the beach. Well now they have located its source. They were blaming kids' diapers, duck droppings and people not cleaning up after their dogs on the e-coli outbreak at Million Dollar Beach. The DEC even stated that there was a larger population of ducks, geese and seagulls that were causing the contamination. Well now, it seems that a broken sewer line has been discovered.

There was a pipe that was discovered to be broken near Garrison Restaurant, after crews conducted underground cameras on sewer pipes. National Grid had put a gas line across the road that went through the middle of that sewer pipe. That sewer pipe was the main line for the district which has a lot of sewer running through it.


The DEC is still closely monitoring the e-coli situation and even though Million Dollar Beach has been reopened, they are worried that the sewer line may still only be a contributor and not the whole problem.

Will you swim in Million Dollar Beach now that they found the source?

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