The FBI has declined to comment but documents have shown that members of the Best Buy Geek Squad have been paid by the feds for years to help them catch criminals.  Not just any criminals, mind you.  We're talking about pedophiles; real life monsters capable of robbing innocent and helpless children of their youth, scarring them for life. However in some cases, pedophiles walked after judges threw out their case citing that potentially incriminating information on a pedophiles computer was illegally obtained by the FBI via the Geek Squad. Something about this doesn't seem right to me.

Documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show Geek Squad employees make an effort to identify illegal material and some were paid by the FBI for turning over alleged child porn to the agency. The issue is whether or not Best Buy employees are 'fishing' for evidence because they're getting paid by the FBI.  Such a warrantless search of someone's device could lead to a judges dismissal.

According to The Two-Way in May, a federal judge threw out almost all the evidence (which prosecutors said included hundreds of images of child pornography) because of "false and misleading statements" an FBI agent made in an affidavit to get a search warrant for a man in question's house. The government ended up dropping the charges against him claiming that the evidence was illegally obtained.

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