The price of gas has dropped 12-cents over the past two weeks.  The most recent Lundberg Survey, published Sunday, shows the average price of a gallon of self-serve regular is now $3.54. While that's great news, the price of gas is still 85 cents higher than this same time last year.  Now that's depressing.  However, Trilby Lundberg says that if we don’t see a jump in the price of oil soon, then we haven’t seen the last of the drop so there's still hope.

The Lundberg Survey comes up with the average price of gas by recording the price of gas at thousands of gas stations around the United States.  The city with the lowest average price was St. Louis at $3.08.  Imagine if that hit Albany!  The highest price was San Francisco at $3.90.

No word on what the average price here in the Capital Region is, however; if you are in the market for the lowest price of gas near you home, check out  You can search for local gas prices before aimlessly driving around wasting gas trying to find the best bang for your buck!