A place you may have already eaten at inside Crossgates Mall is lowering their prices. After the recent announcement of Lucky Strike Social closing, this doesn't sound like a terrible idea.

Crossgates Mall has recently gone through some changes. One of those being that along with being a mall, they've been growing their outside entertainment as proven by FunnyBone Albany, Dave and Busters, etc. Recently, they added a new venue to the line-up in Skyloft and the Times Union is reporting that they're already lowering their prices.

If you've eaten at Skyloft before and thought the prices were a little high, give a try now that they've shaved a few dollars off some popular entrees. Three staples stood out in particular with their bacon cheeseburger, salmon, and filet mignon. The burger that was $19 is now listed as $14, salmon went from $33 to $20 and the filet $38 to $29.

Skyloft management didn't comment on why the change in prices or if the reason for it being that portions have been reduced. You'll have to go and try it out for yourself to see.

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