When I was a kid, we went to the Saratoga Race Course a lot. We would get all dressed up and go early to do breakfast with my sisters, my mom and my grandmother. Then we would stay for the day and wander around and watch the races. There wasn't much for us to do at the track as kids but now they have made it a priority for kids to have fun. The racecourse understands that people are coming to the track to have a family experience and they have set up events to make sure that happens. On Mondays throughout the meet, they have set up The Berkshire Bank Family Mondays Series. There are fun family activities, games, and educational activities and attractions. It is all free and runs from 11am - 4pm.

There is also a brand new playground that has been built near the Saratoga Pavilion at the track. It has something for everyone including a slide and jungle gym. There is also a starting gate and a track that kids can race each other around the playground. The surface is safe too adding a cushion like playground floor. The playground is open to children ages 6 to 10. The location of the playground is unique too. You are able to see the horses being brought out from their stalls up close which is quite the sight for the kids to see.

Times have sure changed at the track. I am happy to know that they have made it more kid friendly. It's such a beautiful place to explore and I am thrilled that I can bring Ryan to enjoy it even more than I did as a kid.

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